Engineering Department

Designing is the most delicate stage and, for this reason, it is entrusted to technicians who boast thirty years of experience in making metal handles, bent parts and accessories for packaging.
Needs analysis and project monitoring are key factors to create a product that can satisfy the requirements of duration and endurance.


Pre- and After-Sales Services

Pre- and After-sales services are an added value that GITRE offer to maintain an excellent human relationship with their customers and respond to any clarifications personally.
Accompanying customer after the sales gives us the chance to receive actual feedback and to increase the quality of our products.


Logistics and shipping

Packaging and transport are delicate stages to which we pay special attention.
Following a project as a whole means delivering to customers an intact product that is functional to its full potential; that is the reason why we pay special attention to this stage.


Product Personalisation

Product personalisation is a strength of our company: we can meet customers’ needs by creating a unique and tailored-made product.
Besides caring for the product, we add personalisation, which makes each project unique and recognisable: handles, special products, bars and ties perfectly reflect this special feature of ours.

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