GITRE Fine Metal Productions


Metal handles and much more

Design and efficiency are the perfect alliance that GITRE offer in their products. Continuous research and constant development in the industry have led the company to be ready to accept new challenges.


Standard products

The main products are handles and grips. Continuous research and innovation are the reasons why quality has remained unaltered while the basic characteristics have increased. How? By focusing on in-house production and constantly monitoring the entire manufacturing processing.


Special products

The need for some metal piece to complement the final product or a prototype to be developed is what leads GITRE to make specific items used in the most diverse sectors in order to meet the needs of each customer:…


Accessories for metal containers

The introduction of accessories for metal containers comes from need to offer customers a more comprehensive service. Precisely for this reason, we offer a wide range of accessories including bosses and u-bolts which, added to the strength of the handle…


Metal closures

The metal locks are designed to come into contact with both solids and liquids. The combination of a suitably treated metal and the closing mechanism results in safe tightness that avoids spills.


Plastic handles

The multiple sizes available on our catalogue are perfect to adapt handles to any type of container. Plastic handles come in small, medium or large sizes and offer a safe and resistant grip.



The range of solutions includes different types that meet design and grip requirements. The grip is an element of paramount importance to complete the handle, and so the bucket. That is the reason why it must be carefully chosen.


Custom products

Product personalisation is a strength of our company: we can meet customers’ needs by creating a unique and tailored-made product. Besides caring for the product, we add personalisation, which makes each project unique and recognisable: handles, special products, bars and…



Design and diameter are two fundamental characteristics that guarantee excellent yield and high performance. The prime materials used and the fact that bars are cut to size make them simple but provide high performance.

Our Numbers




80 %


4000 pcs


350 mln