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Saturday, September 21, 2019 - Time: 9:51 AM

The Company that satisfies all your metal handles,
bended wire and packaging accessories requirements.
Gitre is one of the most important company worldwide leader in the sector of the metal packaging articles.

Thanks to the high technological development and to the combination of our CNC and mechanically machines we are able to offer appropriate solutions to satisfy all your needs.
home We have a flexible production, for this reason we can guarantee to our customers short and reliable time of delivery.

This condition combined to over than 25 years of experience, allows us to supply high standard products: metal handles, metal bars cuts on the customers demand, bended metal parts, knobs, u-bolts (plastic grips and little plastic handles).

GITRE is able to supply particular metal shapes on the bases of the customers requirement.

Thanks to our team of experienced and qualified employees we are able to guarantee high results for the little productions and also for the big ones.